A Book Launch Experience!

photo taken by a Robert Sawyer fan at Audrey Book store in Edmonton launching his new book TriggersLast evening I had a chance to do what many people have never experienced and that was to go to a book launch.

when I was invited to go to Robert Sawyer’s book launch of his new book Triggers at the AudreysBookstore ( in Edmonton,Alberta for those of you unfamiliar ), I didn’t know what to expect as I had no life experience to refer to.  I was excited to get out ( I rarely go anywhere other than to go help get groceries or to the school for kid  happenings), I was kind of worried  as I wasn’t sure how to dress or the “type” of people who would be there and I had many other thoughts on top of it all.

(Editors note: For those of you who are not science fiction fans  Robert Sawyer is the Hugo Award-winning and Nebula Award-winning Science  fiction writer and the author of 22 SF novels.)

Maybe it was the atmosphere or maybe it was the Author himself, but I had one of the most pleasant evenings in a very long time ! From the time we walked in, the atmosphere was a very polite excitement ( We are Canadians after all…lol), his fans were expectant and the author himself, making everyone comfortable, helping people find places to sit, saying a word or two here and there to people…it was friendly!

I sat and listened to a man talk about how he writes a book, his thoughts and his feelings.  I laughed because it was easy to laugh at this great mans humor and I felt comfortable being in the presence of all the other people ( I wasn’t over nor under-dressed…whew!)    I have to also confess that I felt a little dumb, simply because just about everyone there, was  more knowledgeable about Robert Sawyer’s and were asking questions about his other books that had me feeling a bit lost….  mind you one fellow asked a question that even got Mr. Sawyer thinking, so I felt a bit better about things.

I don’t know about you, but when I read a book, it never crosses my mind how much work goes into creating the “story”, I just read it and if I like it I will keep it safe to treasure.  I am unsure if this is true for all genres, but to hear about the months of research  that go into the makings of the book, to hear about the “infamous” draft and then the work  needed to edit and refine the book and then to learn that the author has little say when it comes to creating a title for his or her book had me gasp and groan.  I learned more about the publishing business in one hour than I ever knew in my whole life and what an education it was.  I think as bloggers we have an easier time of it in some ways…at least we can choose our titles…lol

Would I go to another book launch? Damn rights I would, it is a great experience on so many levels and lets face it what a great way to get out and see the world and learn something new!

P.S  what I want for Christmas  are  Robert Sawyer’s trilogy Wake-Watch-Wonder….please 

image of the three books by Rober J. Sawyer "Wake-Watch-Wonder


For those of you who have never heard Mr. Sawyer speaking, here is  his TEDxManitoba talk:   To Live Forever – or Die Trying.  While you listen to him, understand that there is no teleprompters allowed.  Everything he is say is truly coming from his mind!


Bonus fact

In the book Triggers the name of the hospital is  The  Luther Terry Memorial Hospital -

Question: How many of you know who Luther Terry is?

Answer:  Luther Terry was  the Surgeon General of the United states  when in  1961 President John F. Kennedy selected him to that position.  While Mr. Perry maybe be noted for many things, his claim to fame is when he stood up  and made his finding known to the world, that Cigarette smoking was hazardous to one’s health.    He chose January 11, 1964 as the date to make his announcement because it was a Saturday  and his reasoning was that his “bombshell” on a Saturday would minimize the effect on the stock market and to maximize coverage in the Sunday newspapers.  He was correct in his thinking by the way as his announcement... hit the front page news and was a lead story on every radio and television station in the United States and many abroad.






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2 Responses to “A Book Launch Experience!”

  1. Hi Diane: Glad you enjoyed your first book launch!

    I’ve been fortunate to have had 3 for own book back in 2010 and it is as stimulating and exciting for the author as it is for those in attendance. Authors enjoy research and writing their books, but they REALLY enjoy interacting with readers and sharing insights about the writing process and research done for the book (as least I do!)

    I hope this has opened a door for you to attend more literary events in the future. If I’m lucky … sometime in the future, I’ll have an Edmonton launch for Chocolatour and we can finally meet!

    • Diane says:

      Doreen? When you have that book launch…expect me to be in the front row :-)

      It truly was an “experience”, I think in part because I had never been to one and really didn’t know what to expect. I literally lost myself for a space of time and I loved it!

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