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what to say to your ex to bring her back – Easter! A special occasion and a  time for many people to be with their family and friends.  Children anticipating the “Easter bunny”, the celebration meal and generally feeling  a warm glow of good will. For those who are Christians – a time to celebrate their Christian faith, to others it is the time of Passover and to  to others it is a  celebration of the Spring Equinox.


But for many – Easter is a time of s

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tress and a time of feeling alone.


The reality is that children are still being abused

 – animals are still being tortured


– for those going through difficult times

Easter is just another holiday to survive!

These are things that people do not want to say out loud and these are happenings that people are going through.  I know when I woke up this morning and I was waiting for the coffee to drip,I have to admit the warm fuzzy feeling about Easter was not there.  In fact what I was thinking and groaning about was… oh my – how am I going to get through the day and keep a smile on my face!  I was ( still am to be honest) missing my family including my grand kids like you wouldn’t believe.  I thought about all the things I had to do ( still doing by the way) and wondered if I could get half the stuff done.  I was dreading having to play diplomat  with everyone when what I really wanted was a hug and the fact is I was feeling very alone and isolated!

All the fluffy and positive images and sayings that were being spread out all over Facebook, had me going..”ya right”.  The twitter tweets were either boring and the same old same old and for the most part when  scrolling through G+ post –  had me thinking  ”will I ever be smart enough to be part of that crowd?”

 In fact dear readers my one thought for the day was

image of cute bunny rabbit  in the cross hairs of a rifle

I am not going to pretend that this one item had me turning from a grump to a hallelujah person and I am not going to lie and say that everything is honky dory, but I will say that I am more in balance because of something I read and watched.  As so often happens in social networks, it was a friend of a friend who posted on G+ and something about it grabbed my attention.

The only way I can really explain this to you is to put in the post ( but I hope you make the effort and go through this link – note the time)


image of a G+ post

The movie in question is called Zero and has as screened in over 50 festivals ……


Was it the words in the post that started to turn me around or was it the video itself, I can’t really answer… but I do know that it all has had a more balancing effect on me and maybe that is the best thing a person can hope for some days!


If you start feeling down or alone, then do something about it.  Of course you can make your own zero doll or

  • - You could go for a walk and just enjoy the day( walking has been shown to improve your mood)
  • - Take some time for YOU..read a book, watch a show…do something to make you feel good about you
  • - If you are alone, then volunteering at a homeless shelter ( as an example)  will surely help you see the good in yourself and you will be helping a lot of people who are in need
  • - Phone a friend or as we are living in the virtual age, reach out on your social network and start feeling a part of something bigger than you
  • - Be kind to yourself, regardless of the hardship you are experiencing, realize you are doing the best you can and always remember the golden rule – tomorrow is another day! 


It is Easter – a special occasion!



Have a Great Easter

image of the bunny and egg saying Happy Easter

 Happy Eosturmonath

A very modern drawing of what the goddess Eostre might have looked like, complete with bunnies.

Happy Passover

image of celebrating Passover

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