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This blog could not have been created without a LOT of help and support of some pretty darn good friends who got me off my butt to carry through and create this blog. I would be remiss if I did not mention at least a few of them…….

Tim Southernwood – who always manages to get me going and pushes my boundaries to be better than I feel I am ( most of the time…lol)

BlogBloke - a man who has argued with me to never give up and who for some unknown reason likes me to write with him on his blog.  He is the read deal and I consider him a fantastic mentor and friend.

Dorothy Sanders – a very cool lady who seems to feel that I know more than I really do … thank you

Scott Reynolds – a damn good friend who always manages to convey his thoughts in few words, but has this wonderful sense of humor and a great way to encourage people ( especially me!)

and there are many many more!
It was time for me to have my own “place” in this wonderful world of the blogosphere, a place to call home where I can share what I know or to explore new things that I feel will offer value and maybe even “teach” others something new.

I love the name “Hot Diggety” it is upbeat, cheerful and yet the other connotation is…wow I did it!

If you have any questions you are welcome to email me ( Yes I will answer them) hotdiggetyblog@gmail.com

This is my home…welcome!