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Parenting Tip – What is the Secret Word?

How often as a parent have you said to your children “Don’t talk to Strangers” or “if someone wants you to go look or see their puppies – then r best work from home un away” ? The reason I am talking about this is because of two different conversations that I had this morning [...]

Social Media – Where is the balance?

In the world of social media, we seem to be living two extremes   Social Media Addiction  

Trust Issues

  We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy. ~ Walter Anderson   In the last while, I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues that revolve around trust that has had me thinking and pondering. When one realizes that [...]

Cyber-Stalking happens to MEN and Women!

Editors Note: I originally wrote this post on another blog, with the intent of letting men know that they too can be stalked and harassed. As I now have my “own” blog, I have decided to start cialis buy online moving the various posts that I have all over the place to their new home. [...]

Misogyny is not just about Young women – Not Anymore!

In many ways I feel that what I am about to write would be more suited on my friends blog Aging Abundantly a blog about “INSPIRATION FOR THE WOMAN IN TRANSITION” although this post may not be exactly the most inspirational, only you can decide on that. You, the gift, reserve, canadian pharmacy online guys: [...]