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Social Media – Where is the balance?

In the world of social media, we seem to be living two extremes   Social Media Addiction  

Misogyny is not just about Young women – Not Anymore!

In many ways I feel that what I am about to write would be more suited on my friends blog Aging Abundantly a blog about “INSPIRATION FOR THE WOMAN IN TRANSITION” although this post may not be exactly the most inspirational, only you can decide on that. You, the gift, reserve, canadian pharmacy online guys: [...]

A Book Launch Experience!

Last evening I had a chance to do what many people have never experienced and that was to go to a book launch. when I was invited to go to Robert Sawyer’s book launch of his new book Triggers at the AudreysBookstore ( in Edmonton,Alberta for those of you unfamiliar ), I didn’t know what [...]

Talk about Pet Peeves| My Top 3 Pet Peeves

My Tribute to Coffee

I love social networks because I see so many cool images such as this one about coffee that I saw on Facebook —