Cyber-Stalking happens to MEN and Women!

Editors Note: I originally wrote this post on another blog, with the intent of letting men know that they too can be stalked and harassed. As I now have my “own” blog, I have decided to start

moving the various posts that I have all over the place to their new home. This particular post came from talking to and reading about how different men who were being stalked/cyber-stalked and the outrage I felt and still do by the way. The humanist in me felt that reaching out to the men who are going through this terrible situation is as important as reaching out to all women and talking about how to read the signs and learn how to handle, what can be a terrifying ordeal is necessary if we are to truly help and support those who need us. How does it feel to be stalked? I Dare you to take this lollipop test - then you tell me?


This post starts out with a news story that happened in 2011….

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has obtained a temporary restraining order against a California man accused of stalking him, his girlfriend and his sister. Read the rest of the story about this stalking issue

The fact of life is that as more and more people are using the web, it is not just the rich and the famous who are being stalked and harassed and it is not just children who are having to deal with these terrible issues, but ordinary people like you also. It is a truism that as we use social networks more and more, we put ourselves at risk, letting our guard down, parting with so much information about ourselves, little realizing how that same information can be used against us, by those who feel hurt for whatever reason which can include family members or close friends, colleagues and lord forbid the “ex’s”.

While women are still the main focus of stalking and harassment, men are also having to deal with the same issues and it can be down right scary! In some ways I feel that men do not get enough support nor help from people on these issues ( unless you are a Mark Zuckerberg) and so this post is for all the men who are going through this type of situation – oh and ladies, maybe these pointers will be of use to you as well.

Many people tend to think of men being stalked like the movie “Play Misty for Me” ( 1971 movie with Clint Eastwood) and for some that might be the case, but there is a lot more going on in the digital world and in ways a lot more “deadlier”.



Just as women need to learn how to protect themselves, so do men so here are some tips to watch for.

The first and the most important clue that there is something very wrong is when the stalker person pushes for information regarding your personal life, private life, or life away from the net!