4 Expert Tips on Writing a Nursing School Admission Essay

Planning Phase for a Nursing Essay

The norm in many institutions is writing an admission form. It is a plea to the panelists as to why they should consider you. It is where you pour out your heart on why you passion for the nursing institution. You also give details as to why the nursing program is one step to achieving your dreams.


The intent of the admission board is to establish the genuineness and credibility of the applicant. It is an opportunity for the admission gets a hint of your personality. You can think of an admission essay as a sales pitch. Why should the admission consider you out of thousands of other deserving students? This should help you in making an informed decision when crafting your essay.

A common mistake most nursing students make is divulging a lot of information through the essay. The essay should encompass your life experiences and how they have shaped your career as a nurse. You should keep the application part short and straightforward. Take pity on the admission committee, which goes through thousands of essays from other applicants.

What Should Be Part of the Admission Essay?

Various components must feature in the essay. Some components can be done away with, while others are important in creating your personality. Here is a list of the essential elements that need to be part of your essay:

  • Your interests in the nursing field
  • Why you need to prefer the nursing program
  • Your future vision
  • What you aim to add to the program
  • Personal achievements
  • Academic interests
  • Character traits

Tips on How to Write Your Essay

All this information needs to feature in your admission essay for a better chance of admission. Here are tips to include in your writing process.

Selection of Information

There are loads of information that you might include in the essay. However, remember, there is a word count. Therefore, you need to prioritize which information to include and which to exclude. The information chosen should paint a vivid picture of your personality.

Glimpse of Life

It is wise to build on the imagination of the reader. Life experiences help the reader picture your personality. Remember to mention the positive life experiences that have influenced your journey in the nursing world.

Mind Blogging Introduction

The reader mostly expects a boring and casual introduction to your essay. However, you can switch things by adopting a new catchphrase to start your essay. Ensure the catchphrase is memorable.

Maintaining Structure

First, you have the chance to decide how to write; it is essential to remember there is a universal structure. Start with a captivating introduction that builds up to the body and ends in a memorable conclusion. Do not go overboard by adding other necessary details that end up tainting your essay.

Your application essay is very crucial in kickstarting your nursing career. It can either make or break your dreams. Keep it short and precise. Mind the word count and deliver it on time to avoid penalties from the admission committee.

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