4 Tips for Writing a Stellar Graduation School Admission Essay

What is the Graduate School Essay?

Other people refer to it as a letter of intent or purpose. It is an essay you write to the admission committee before joining for grad school. It is used for assessment of your suitability for the grad course applied for or ask to buy essays online for college. Given hundreds of deserving applicants show up, it is your chance to prove you are best suited.

The grad admission essay solely focuses on your academic goals and how you hope to achieve them after gaining admission. It is the chance to sell yourself to the admission committee as the most suitable candidate. Sounds easy, right?

The same criteria used in crafting your undergraduate grad admission essay applies here. However, the undergraduate essay focused more on your life experiences fumbled into a story. With the grad school essay, it focuses more on your academic goals and achieving them. T

Essay requirements typically vary depending on the institution. Here is a list of common prompts when filling the essay:

  • Showcase your leadership skills
  • Show how you overcome hard times in life
  • What are your long term career goals
  • Why choose the career you opt for
  • Why choose a particular school

After reading your application essay, the admission committee should have a sense of your overall personality. Some significant takeaways by the panelists include:

  1. What you hope to study
  2. Motivation behind the course
  3. Why the institution suits you

Writing Guideline for Your Application Essay

After getting a hint of all this information, here are basic guidelines you should apply when writing your letter of application.

Understand the Audience

It is essential to have a clear grasp of the graduate program you are applying for; after that, follow by tailoring your essay’s specific program. Make a case for choosing the specific program. Share your recent achievement and future ones after finishing the program. State what you hope to contribute to the program after becoming an alumnus.

Show Emotion

Most application essays lack a hint of emotion. It feels like a computer-generated essay when the panelists are reading through it. Most people over-rely on past life experiences to mark their niche, which comes off too familiar. With thousands of applicants in your field, you should find a way that makes you stand out from the rest. Start writing about what drives you to take up the grad program.

Remain Relevant

Sometimes people often drift away from the main subject in the application. It is advisable to always stick to your academic field. When highlighting your experiences, it is worth starting activities that fall down the alley of your program. You can also highlight the skills that will help you in the grad program when granted the chance.


There is nothing worse than reading through an error-filled application essay. It sucks all the fun and time put in writing the essay. Therefore, after finishing with the essay, take some time to go through it. Get a fresh pair of eyes to go through it again and make all the needed corrections. Check for sentence run-ons, grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and diction.

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