Graduation thesis history

General to the teaching of history

The scientific work in the subject of history differs quite a lot from that in the school. There, it was common to learn many years and place historical sources in the context of other events and long-term processes. For the study of history, it is no longer sufficient to master only that, because ultimately these are only the basic prerequisites for a historical study. The university works much more profoundly and comprehensively than historical sources at school. In addition, one does not occupy oneself as before with overview knowledge to the individual epochs like modern times or 20. Century, but goes much further into details. In doing so, the study of sources is always at the center of methodical work, and even in the first term papers one must be able to incorporate original sources into the work and, above all, never use them uncritically but always reflectively to underpin their own statements and judgments. On the one hand, one has to master the method of source criticism, since otherwise the reliability of documents, letters or notes can hardly be evaluated. On the other hand, you always have to find the right sources. For the first proseminar work, it is still sufficient, on collections such. to access a volume on “Sources of German History in the 19th and 20th Centuries”. In view of demanding major seminar work and especially later theses, it is indispensable to be able to tap sources themselves. This requires a lot of time in archives in order to find hitherto completely undiscovered or at least hardly explored sources. In addition, there is a necessary research of interpretative secondary literature, which must be as extensive to fulfill scientific requirements as the reading angle in other subjects.

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If one considers the time required to read source texts and secondary literature, it becomes clear how time-consuming a study of history is. In view of the added uncertainty in working with historical sources, which is understandably evident especially in the first few semesters, in some cases temporal and professional complications may occur. In such cases, do not let our academics and authors stand in the rain, on the contrary, they will keep your umbrella! With their many years of academic expertise, the necessary know-how in academic writing and an overview of current and relevant literature as well as a strong research expertise, they can help you with all your student projects. Our academics like to support you from individual source interpretations to the preparation of a template for your work.