Know The Meaning of a College Essay and How To Structure It

What Is a College Essay?

Are you wondering what college essays are? There is no point in cracking your head on what to write. These are mainly essays that are written at a college level, mainly if one is applying to join a certain learning institution. You see, these are the tools that will be used to analyze and grade you in school. Therefore, it is important to know how to go about it. This would probably entail your challenges, strengths, or yourself in general. They might be closed or open-ended questions, allowing the student to choose the best suited him.

Things to Consider When Writing a College Essay

  • Motivation

This includes the challenges that the student went through from the topic you are writing about. In this sense, you are supposed to show how he struggled and the outcome. If he managed to come out victorious, what was the motivation? Therefore, you should show the important thing that you learn from that. This will enable the student to face any challenge with courage.

  • Curiosity-

Every human being is always curious about what will happen next. Therefore, the learner should cultivate the intellectual interest in himself, thus making him independent and ready to learn. This will not only need you to wait for your tutor, but you will be able to search for different topics and ideas on your own without being pushed or forced.

  • Contributions

When you are talking about a topic on personal experience, its wise enough to discuss how that experience was essential to those around you. This implies to both your family, your peers and the community at large. For example, when talking about your love to share what you have with others, you might discuss what you do during your free time. This might include visiting the sick in the hospital, cleaning the compound, and discussing educational topics with your peers.

  • Diversity on different experiences

When you have the opportunity to do what you want, what will you choose to do? Mainly based on the aspect of life at the campus level, students have freedom. Therefore, what you do when you have that freedom entails a lot. This will need you to be initiative mainly on how you will relate with others.

While writing a college essay, you are not supposed to mention what is already in the application essay or letter. Remember, the tutor or teachers wants to know what they don’t know about you. What you will write will determine whether you will be selected or not.

Before writing your college essay, you should compose yourself and know what you want to write about before starting the task. Just be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. When you make your essay enjoyable, it will attract the tutor and allow him to know more or associate with you, giving you an upper hand.

When it comes to a point where you are not sure what to write, ask from a person you know you better. This will include your peers, previous school teachers, and your parents. Being open-minded will enable you to avoid writing disgusting things but impress the tutor and get an application quickly. 

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